The Christmas-Market-Express is ideal for all of those who would like to visit more than just one of the beautiful Christmas Markets of Cologne even in wind and weather!
We drive through the streets of the old city of Cologne which are decorated for Chirstmas and go directly to the central stops which are located nearby four of the most beautiful Christmas Markets!

The outward bound journey takes you through a Cologne that is decorated for Christmas and from one Christmas Market to the next (single trip).
If you have a round-trip-ticket you can disembark at each of the four stops and enjoy the offers on and atmosphere of the various Christmas Markets and then continue with your trip (if you have a single trip you take care of the return trip/make your own way back).

Christmas Market at the Cathedral:
Cathedral / Burgmauer

every 15 min. from 10:15 a.m.

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur., Sun. 6:30 p.m.
Fri. and Sat. 7:30 p.m.

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Turn Bridge / Malakoffturm

every 15 Min. from 10:45 am

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur., Sun. 19:00 pm
Fri. and Sat. 20:00 pm

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Market “Heinzelmännchen”:
“Alter Markt” Old Market/ Mühlengasse

every 15 Min. from 10:30 pm

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur., Sun. 6:45 pm
Fri. and Sat. 7:45 pm

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Market Of The Angel:
Neumarkt / Zeppelinstraße

every 15 Min. from 11:15 am

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur., Sun. 19:15 pm
Fri. and Sat. 20:15 pm

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10,00 € Round-Trip (Hop on – Hop off)
3,00 € € single-trip (partial route)

Children until 12 years of age:
5,00 € Round-Trip (Hop on – Hop off)
1,50 € € single-trip (partial route)

Children until 12 years of age (incl. stroller) + Children until 2 years of age (excl. stroller) are free.

Reduced Tickets

Bei Vorlage des Behinderten-Ausweises mit dem Vermerk “B” wird die Begleitperson kostenlos befördert.

Rollatoren und Rollstühle (alle Modelle)
4,50 € Round-Trip (Hop on – Hop off)
2,50 € single-trip (partial route)
Modelle, die NICHT klappbar sind, bitte mit vorheriger tel. Rücksprache.


Walking Frames and Wheel Chairs 
4,50 € Round-Trip (Hop on – Hop off)
2,50 € Single-Trip
standard dimension, foldable – all other models only after advance consultation/notification

Kleine Hunde (bis zur Größe einer Hauskatze) sind erlaubt und müssen nicht extra bezahlt werden. Größere Hunde sind je nach Absprache erlaubt und bezahlen den Kinderpreis.

In the fragance-museum “Duftmuseum” of the “Farina-Haus” adults receive a 6ml-flacon original “Eau de Cologne” free of charge –
Children receive a Wimmel-Book “Wimmelbuch” My Cologne” free of charge

Reservations are only handled and confirmed from a minimum number of 10 people onwards.

It is only possible to make a reservation of seats from the Mini-Train-Stop Dom-Burgmauer onwards for the Christmas-Market-Express.

You do not need to inform us of a short-term raise by 1 or the reduction by a maximum of 10 %.
Please ensure your arrival at least 15 minutes before departure to uphold your reservation.