Each year our Christmas-Market-Express carries the spirit of the holiday season through the festively decorated city of Cologne. Our Christmas-Market-Express starts to operate on Nov. 21st. 2023 until Dec. 23rd. 2023.

It is the perfect alternative to discover the decorated streets of the old part of Cologne and to access four of the most beautiful as well as largest Christmas Markets. Our Christmas-Market-Express arrives and departs at our Mini train stops located right at the Christmas Markets which make a visit of each Christmas Market convenient and pleasant due to the HOP ON & HOP OFF option.

As soon as you are ready to continue with the round trip to visit the next Christmas Market simply come back to our Mini train station and take the next Christmas-Market-Express which departs every 15 minutes.

There is no better way to visit four Christmas Markets with only one round trip ticket.

If you rather enjoy the round trip by staying at our cozy trains and listen to the audio guide provided in English as well as German plus holiday music playing you are more than welcome to do so as well.

The round trip ends right at the Mini train station where it has been started.

Tickets for a single way trip, in order to get to a certain Christmas Market, are available as well as long as the desired Christmas Market is the next one on our route.

Our staff will welcome you at each Mini train station to assist you in case of questions in regards of what ticket works best for you.


Christmas Market at the Cathedral:
Cathedral / Burgmauer

every 15 min. from 10:15 am

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur., Sun. 6:30 pm
Fri. und Sat. 7:30 pm

Market "Heinzelmännchen":
"Alter Markt" Old Market / Mühlengasse

every 15 min. from 10:30 am

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur., Sun. 6:45 pm
Fri. und Sat. 7:45 pm

Turn Bridge / Malakoffturm

every 15 min. from 10:45 am

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur., Sun. 7:00 pm
Fri. und Sat. 8:00 pm

Market Of The Angels:
Neumarkt / Zeppelinstraße

every 15 min. from 11:15 am

Last Trip:
Mon.-Thur.., Sun. 7:15 pm
Fri. und Sat. 8:15 pm



15,00 € Rundfahrt (Hop on – Hop off)
4,00 € single-trip (partial route)

Children under the age of 12: (incl. stroller):
7,00 € Round-Troip (Hop on – Hop off)
2,00 € single-trip (partial route)

Children under the age of 2 years (excl. stroller) are free

Additional Information

Rolling walkers and wheelcharis
All foldable mobility aids are free of charge.
Non-foldable mobility aids need to be registered in advance before ride takes place in order to pick the right mini-train with according space.

Small dogs (size of a cat) are free of charge if they travel on the pet owners lap. Larger well behaving dogs are permitted and will be priced like a ticket for a child.

Partnership with the fragrance-museum “Duftmuseum” of the “Farina-Haus”
Adults receive a 6ml-flacon original “Eau de Cologne” free of charge –
Children receive a Wimmel-Book “Wimmelbuch” My Cologne” free of charge

Request form

We only accept and proceed reservations if your group counts more than 12 people. No reservation is needed if the group does not exceed the number of 12 people.

A reservation of seats is only possible at our mini-train station at the Cologne Cathedral. No other mini-train stations are eligible for a reservation.

It is not necessary to contact us in case your already confirmed reservation slightly changes in regards of the number of participating people. We recommend to inform us if the number of participating people increases or decreases more than 4 people. We appreciate it if you let us know in case you are no longer able to uphold the reservation.

Please make sure to arrive 15 min before your departure in order to keep your reservation valid.

Enjoy your trip with our Christmas-Market-Express.